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Dear customers! Welcome to the website of tourist company KonKoh Tour!

To describe an exhaustive list of tours on our website has a special section Tours. On this page we would like to tell you about a slightly different.

The trust between company and customers one of the main "elephants" successful tourist experience. Most of you our first encounter takes place online, through the pages of the website. That is why here we want to share our work philosophy, our approach, to tell about the people who stand behind the names KonKohTour and daily puts enormous efforts to make your thai holiday a memorable one.

ประการแรก, about the name. With Thai language the word "KonKoh" (เป็นคนพื้นท) is literally translated as Islander, the inhabitant of the island. And this is a direct explanation. Almost our entire team was born and raised in Phuket, travelled in it far and wide, knows the innermost of his place. And it is this unique experience we are eager to share with you. To give an idea about the features of the local surroundings, culture, cuisine. To help experience the flavor and charm of thai life in all its diversity.

ประการที่สอง, about the team. International team KonKoh Tour is not only an opportunity to learn from each other, to learn from the experience, more understanding to different cultures. Also this broad language capabilities (we offer tours in English, Russian and Arabic). But aside from this is a 100% true understanding of your needs our tourists, sensitive from the point of view of national features of the solution of their problems.

ประการที่สาม, about openness. We try to be as open as possible with you, removing all barriers and obstacles. Making our communication comfortable and enjoyable. That is why on the pages of the website and the section Photogallery real footage from the tours. We are interested in the continuous improvement of services, so we welcome honest feedback and constructive criticism.

ประการที่สี่, about innovation. We are developing new features to make your stay in Phuket was memorable. One of them is help finding like-minded people. If you are traveling alone or just want to expand the company together to go on trips, and getting group discounts - use the handy application form on main page (at the bottom). Also, you can always ask a question via a special form on the main page. Or request callback. For those who are just planning a visit to Phuket, we publish information about upcoming events. So, arriving at the island, you to the maximum immersed in a thai atmosphere.

ในที่สุด, email us! We are always happy to answer any questions you might have!

Sudrak Prabdin
Sudrak Prabdin
Company Director

The early bird catches the worm
Thanakrist Prawkeaw
Thanakrist Prawkeaw

No man is an island
Noppadon Jaidee
Noppadon Jaidee

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