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Tourist memo

Memo to Tourists entering Thailand

  1. The climate of Thailand

    Thailand enjoys a tropical climate. The average maximum temperature during the year, Phuket makes 31.8 ºС. The sun is active, even in cloudy weather, so don't forget to wear hats and use sunscreen. When leaving on a sea trip, we recommend you to wear light cotton clothing that covers the shoulders and forearms.

  2. Swimming in the sea

    Swimming in the sea brings a lot of fun, but it is necessary to remember and observe the safety rules. Swim in the designated area and do not swim beyond the buoys. Do not swim during a strong wind and big waves. Should not swim alone in sparsely populated areas.

    While snorkeling, we observed the beauty of the underwater world. Attention! Only observe, but not touch. Many fish and marine animals can be hazardous to human health.

  3. Dangerous insects and animals

    Various insects, reptiles and amphibians in Thailand a lot. Some of them are dangerous to humans, but live far from tourist areas, in the jungle. Most likely, You will meet the geckos is a small, harmless lizard. They are often seen on the walls of houses and shops. A lot of mosquitoes in the evening and at night. Protection against them is in any store. The ants will be those who forgot to clear the table of sweets, or food with high sugar content. Snakes are rare. Larger lizards, monitor lizards can be found near rivers and lakes, but again, somewhere in the jungle.

    Mosquitoes, monkeys can be carriers of the virus that causes Dengue fever. There's not much to be afraid of. The likelihood of contracting this disease is very small, since most visitors are living in areas where there are no monkeys, and mosquitoes are rare. But to read about the disease you need before you go for a vacation in a tropical country. For those who choose to stay closer to nature, plan to live in bungalows and private house, please be careful. The probability to meet with all the above insects and animals above. Check that the window was a mosquito net, there were no large cracks in the walls and floor. Purchase protective mosquito repellent.

  4. National cuisine

    Thai cuisine is an original thanks to the abundant spices and the use of elements of Chinese and Indian dishes - noodles, curries, sweet and sour dishes, ingredients for easy cooking, exotic spices and seasonings. Thais use in your kitchen all kinds of meat, in a large number of fish and seafood, definitely rice and variety of noodles, vegetables and fruit. Thai people highly value their traditions and culture. They are proud of their national dishes and love to entertain guests. For guests with special preferences (vegetarians, muslims, and raw food enthusiasts) are dishes depending on their tastes and views.

    In Thailand grows a lot of fruits. You can buy them at fruit stands on the street, in stores, on the wound. Sell the whole fruit, peeled and sliced, and fresh juices. Great choice, great taste and aroma, the health benefits.

    Thailand is rich in seafood, which can be enjoyed at every step, fresh, usually still alive, cooked on an open fire in Your presence and served with original sauces.

    In restaurants and cafe also features a varied cuisine – italian, american, russian, indian, chinese and many others. There is a cafe fast food (McDonald's, KFC, Burger King, Subway) and coffee houses of european type.

  5. Respect for the culture

    Coming to another country, you need to accept and abide by there rules.

    The king and the Royal family in Thailand lady untouchable and revered. It is highly esteemed by all Thais and any disparaging phrase or gesture towards them is perceived as a personal insult. Insulting members of the Royal family is punishable usually by imprisonment.

    Respect for Buddhism and its traditions. When visiting temples is not acceptable clothing with short sleeves or shorts. If you want to be photographed, don't lean on it or sit on a statue of Buddha. It is not customary to touch monks, especially women. Sacred part of the body of any Buddhist is considered to be the head – do not touch the heads of Thais, even to Pat a child on the head. At the entrance to the temple or house of Thais always remove shoes.

    Keep in communication with Thais calm and smile. Anger and anger-expression of rudeness and bad manners. It is not accepted publicly to express feelings between a man and a woman. Respect those older than you.

  6. Rent a motorbike and car

    If You want to rent a motorbike or car, remember that in Thailand drive on the left. Even if You are careful on the road, it is still the reflexes at first are triggered, as in right hand traffic. The specifics of driving a Thai special, to be able to join this rhythm. But it is not important. The big danger for each other are tourists behind the wheel. Many show no respect for the other, believing that to concede the first they should not. Attitude to driving, not so serious as in the home countries do not always follow the rules and speed limits. Most serious injuries can be sustained in the crash on a motorbike. It is always better to have a copy of your passport and insurance.

    We recommend to be careful on the roads, follow traffic rules, wear a helmet (when riding a motorbike), not to exceed the speed limit, especially in crowded areas. Good luck on the road!

  7. Restrictions on the export

    Shall not be exported:

    - coral in its raw form, sea sand, seashells, clam shells;

    - statues (above 15 cm) and the image of the Buddha;

    - durian, watermelons and coconuts in fresh;

    - items from Slaney bone;

    - dried seahorses;

    - stuffed bats;

    - stuffed and the skin of crocodiles;

    - a turtle shell and objects made of it;

    - platinum jewelry, precious stones, not processed, and gold bars.

  8. Important contacts in Thailand

    Tourist center: 1115

    The police of Thailand for tourists: 1115

    Traffic Police In Thailand: 1193

In this section touches on the main topics. If You still have questions    write. Will inform You in detail on the topic of interest.